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The accuracy of your location will depend on your device and your connection to the Internet.

What's My Lot?

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Samuel Holland
Andrew Hill Clark
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My location is wrong!

This app relies on your device and your web browser to identify your location. If you have a phone or tablet with cell service and/or a GPS, then your location is likely very accurate. If you're using a desktop or laptop connected to home or office Internet, this is an "educated guess" based on your Internet connection, and it's possible it might be wildly inaccurate, placing you in a different lot, or even in a different province.

I'm not on Prince Edward Island! What good is this?

Why aren't you on Prince Edward Island? Operators are standing by to help you plan your trip here.

This is an app designed and built for people standing on Prince Edward Island soil; if you're not then, alas, we can't help you.

Who made this?

This is a my project, and I'm Peter Rukavina.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at peter@rukavina.net with questions, concerns, suggestions, complaints. Remember, I'm just a guy who made an app in his spare time.

What's a lot?

If you're on Prince Edward Island, this app uses the location of your device to calculate what lot (or "township") you're in. There are 67 lots and three "royalties" (Charlottetown, Georgetown and Princetown) originally laid out by Samuel Holland in 1765. While they are largely no longer in contemporary use, they are irrevocably imprinted on the Island landscape, through the shapes of roads and property lines.

What does this app do?

The app will look up your location, and either (a) display the number of the lot you're currently inside, (b) tell you it can't find your location or (c) tell you that you're not on Prince Edward Island (which might be true if, for example, you're on a beach or a bridge, all appearances to the contrary).

You can leave it running...

As long as you have the app open, it will continue to update the lot number, so if you go for a drive in the countryside, you can watch it update as you cross lot lines.

Visit all 67 lots!

The app will also remember which lots you've visited, and will colour-code these in red on the map.

Lot Information

On the information page about each lot you'll find the following information:

Source Material

The source for the digital map layer used to calculate your lot is a modified version of L.R.I.S., 20050725, Prince Edward Island Townships: Prince Edward Island Finance and Municipal Affairs, Taxation and Property Records, Geomatic Services, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. This map has issues that I have attempted to correct, in part using this 1852 redrawing of the map:

The original ESRI Shapefile was reprojected to WGS84, edited for correctness as above, lots with multiple polygons were consolidated into a single polygon, and the polygons were simplified, using QGIS, to reduce the complexity, and thus the file size, of the resulting map. The map was then exported from QGIS into a GeoJSON file.

The updated map is available in several formats for use in other projects under a Creative Commons license.

The base map appearing under the township lines is OpenStreetMap.

Information about each lot and royalty, along with the brief biographical note of the original owner was assembled by Boyde Beck, Curator of History, Exhibits and Editor of The Island Magazine for PEI Museum & Heritage Foundation.

Open Source

The calculation of which lot your current location falls in is done by point in polygon for Leaflet, a plugin for the excellent open-source JavaScript library for interactive maps.

The app uses the jQuery and jQuery Mobile.

The icons are from Google's open sourced Material Design Icons.